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About Buffalo Jazz & Swing Band

Buffalo Jazz and Swing Band performs a wide variety of musical styles from the 1930’s through present day. Whether it’s Miller, Dorsey, Goodman, Sinatra, Selzer or Buble, we can accommodate your musical needs. Rumbas, sambas, waltzes, classic rock n’ roll, big band standards, slow ballads, blues, and jazz are all part of our expansive library. We offer three options to suit your needs: 16 piece, 13 piece, or 8 piece bands. Regardless of the size band you choose, our DJ is included for continuous entertainment at no additional cost.

Buffalo Jazz and Swing Band has performed for major fundraisers and corporate events, as well as hundreds of weddings, anniversary celebrations, private parties and outdoor concerts in the Western New York area and beyond. Choose the most highly recommended name in local music entertainment to ensure your next event is a great success!

Our DJ is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system, along with an expansive music library to accommodate all types of music. If you are considering additional music for the cocktail hour, reception, or dinner hour before you main activity, we can provide musical assistance.

Buffalo Jazz and Swing Band offers a 16, 13, and 8 piece band, along with a DJ,  to accomodate your event and venue. Ambiece/Background Music

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